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Visit & Feed Animals - Watch them Climb and Walk the Bridges!
Barnyard with goats, alpaca, jacob sheet, chickens and guinea hens
baby goats at Tougas Family Farm

Pet and Feed our Barnyard Animals

Great family fun activity! Our barnyard animals love attention from children of all ages! We have a large barnyard with momma goats, baby goats (in spring) an alpaca, jacob sheet, chickens and guinea hens. Purchase a bag of animal feed from our Farm Store and have fun!

When you visit our barnyard, be sure to look up and see if there are any goats on the bridges or ramps over your head! Its fun to watch them walk their aerial boardwalk on their way to another part of the barnyard!

Why Families Love Our Barnyard

IT’S LARGE!  Our barnyard meanders around a walkway to provide lots of spots for kids to to feed and pet the animals.

GOAT BRIDGES! Have you ever seen a goat above your head? Our goat bridges allow the goats to clamber up ramps and walk over bridges that span the barnyard. Kids love to watch them romp and come down in a different part of the barnyard.

ROCK MOUNTAINS! Goats are built for climbing! We have created large rock mountains for the goats to play on, sunbath and jump from.. it’s a goat paradise!

HAND WASHING STATIONS! We have many hand washing stations available for families to wash up after a barnyard visit.

ANIMAL FEED! Available in our Farm Store for only a dollar, your kiddos will enjoy feeding all the animals.

Goats in barnyard on rock mountain