Apple Cider Donuts All Season Long!

There is something so special about an apple cider donut! Rich, sweet and delicious, we make our irresistible apple cider donuts made with our own fresh apple cider and our 40 year old recipe! Our popular apple cider donuts are made from June through November and available in sugared or plain.

If you visit in June, during strawberry season, be sure to taste our strawberry cider donuts!  These donuts are made with our farm-fresh strawberry puree and mixed into our cider donut batter. These delightful donuts have a slight pink hue and are available sugared or plain. We have also been known to have special strawberry donuts with vanilla glaze!

In July our blueberry cider donuts take center stage with their little blue flecks and blue hue. Made with our adapted cider donut recipe and our farm-fresh blueberry puree, our blueberry donuts are something between the best cider donut and the best blueberry muffin you’ve ever had. Available in sugared or plain and sometimes with a vanilla/lemon glaze. Don’t miss them cause once blueberry season is done, so are the blueberry cider donuts!

Fall brings crisp air, apples and pumpkins! Not to be missed, our pumpkin cider donuts have just the amount of spice and pumpkin flavor to take your your hot mulled cider or coffee to the next level. Only made in September and October, our pumpkin cider donuts shouldn’t be missed! Available in plain, sugared and sometimes a special with cream cheese glaze!

Donut Days of Summer, our weekend to celebrate all things donut! Check our Events to see if we will have the Donut Days of Summer event in August where you will be treated to specialty donuts like Maple Bacon Apple Cider Donuts!

Bulk Donuts for Weddings, Holidays and Family Gatherings

Did you know you can order our cider donuts at a bulk discount for weddings, holidays, family gathering and well, any large gathering you would like to serve apple cider donuts?! Well, YOU CAN!

Let our apple cider donuts enhance your party by placing an order and picking up your fresh donuts on the day and time of your choice. Our bulk pricing starts at 4 dozen. All bulk donut orders are prepaid and non-refundable if canceled within 24 hours of pick up time. Click here to order your bulk donuts. 

Ingredients and Allergy Information

We DO have nuts on the farm, although we do not have nuts in the donut hut. However we can’t guarantee utensils and mixing equipment in the Donut Hut has not been used on nuts in the Farm Kitchen. If you have a severe allergy to nuts we recommend you do not consume our donuts.

Assorted cider donuts during Donut Days of Summer
Apple cider donuts hot off the fryer.
Cider Donuts Hot Out of the Fryer
Apple cider donuts
Apple Cider Donuts Sugared Hot
Maple Bacon Apple Cider Donut
Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Cider Donut Special
Unicorn Sprinkled Donut
Donut Days of Summer Event Donut