We strive to provide families with a safe, fun, and memorable experience! We love animals, and many of us have pets of our own whom we consider family members. However, for the safety of our guests and farm animals,

please leave your dogs and pets at home.

Unfortunately, having dogs and pets on the farm raises a safety and health issue due to our barnyard animals and the crowds of people of all ages that visit. We would hate for any animal, ours or those of our visitors, or any adult or child, to be in a position where their safety and/or comfort is compromised.  

In addition, we work hard to provide a clean and tidy environment for our families to visit our farm and eat our fruit, baked goods and other food offerings. As we do not have the land to provide visitors a place to potty a pet, keeping the farm clean becomes extremely difficult.

Even though most of the orchards and picking fields are far away from the barnyard, the FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) does not allow for dogs or pets in our fields or orchards.

Although we recognize and sympathize with the mental health challenges some visitors may have, we do NOT allow emotional support animals on the farm due to the reasons outlined above. 

We do welcome ADA Service Animals and understand the value and support they provide to their handlers. All well-behaved, working service dogs are welcome to help and provide services to their handlers at any location on the farm. If the service animal disrupts our barnyard animals, we will ask them to spend time in other areas of the farm, away from the barnyard, to reduce disruption and regain safe operations for our animals and visitors.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at: 508-393-6470 or [email protected]

Sorry, No Dogs or Pets

No dogs or pets allowed on the farm

Working ADA Dogs Welcome to Provide Services