Fruit Seasons

Fruit SeasonsFruit Seasons. *Please note that Raspberries are no longer available.

ALL DATES ARE APPROXIMATE AND WILL VARY YEAR TO YEAR DEPENDING ON THE WEATHER. Always check our picking conditions page before visiting or call our Recorded Picking Information line at (508) 393-6406 for daily, updated information.

strawberry pickcondStrawberries ~ Early June to Early July

Our strawberries are full of flavor and taste far better than anything you can get in the supermarket. Enjoy our real strawberry slushies at the kitchen, along with strawberry shortcake and strawberry crisp. The season is only a few short weeks in June so don’t miss it!

cherries pickcondCherries ~ Late June to Mid July

Due to the February 4th Freeze we will not have Cherries in 2023

Cherries are the most challenging crop we grow – birds love them and rain easily cracks and ruins them, but picking fresh sweet and tart cherries is exciting! We have installed high tunnel green houses and custom rain covers to protect our crop from the elements. The season is very short and variable, sign up for email updates and go to our Picking Conditions page for picking alerts!

blueberry thumbnailBlueberries ~ Early July to mid August

Blueberries are one of the only native American fruits to be commercially grown, besides cranberries. This all-American favorite has been credited as an extremely healthy fruit, containing higher amounts of essential vitamins than any other fruit.

peach thumbnailPeaches and Nectarines ~ early August to early September

Due to the February 4th Freeze we will not have Peaches and Nectarines in 2023

Yes, our peaches are better than Southern peaches- Southerners have told me so! We grow white and yellow fleshed peaches that get as large as softballs. We also grow yellow nectarines, like peaches but with smooth fuzz free skin and more intense flavor! Our peach season starts with blueberry season and ends during apple season. Come enjoy the juiciest peaches you’ll ever find.

Rasp & BlackBlackberries ~ Early August to early September

A delicate berry, one of my favorites. Great for using in baked goods, jams and jellies, or just for eating fresh. Check the picking conditions page for availability. Peak season is mid to late August.

apple thumbnail  Apples ~ Late August through late October

We are proud of our apples, the best quality apples in the world! Over thirty varieties available including: McIntosh, Cortland, Gala, Honeycrisp, Empire, Fuji, Macoun, Crimson Crisp, Yellow Delicious, Topaz, Mutsu, Jonagold, Evercrisp, and more! Enjoy a hayride out to the orchard and fresh apple pies and crisps at the Tougas Family Farm Kitchen! Come for a drive during the crisp days of autumn and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage on the hill.

*Check our picking conditions page to see what varieties we are picking.

A complete list of apple varieties that we grow.

Pumpkin PickingPumpkins ~ Mid September through late October

Come on out to Farmer Mo’s Patch and find your Great Pumpkin! Pick out the perfect pumpkins to carve this Halloween. We have all different sizes and shapes, and some real interesting ones if you look hard enough!