Picking Conditions

LAST CALL FOR CHERRIES – get them while you can! We have excellent dark sweet cherry picking and they are ripe! We want to move them before the weekend’s heat so we are offering a SUPER JAMMER’S SPECIAL on cherries this weekend only! See our website for details http://www.tougasfamilyfarm.com.

SUNDAY we will be open 8 AM to 1 PM for blueberry, sweet and tart cherry picking – come early! We have excellent picking for Dark Sweet Cherries and blueberries, come on out. Sunday will likely be the last day for Tart Cherry Picking – there is a limited supply of tart cherries.

The Farm Store will be open Sunday 8-3 with lots of quarts of Blueberries, Dark Sweet Cherries, and Tart Cherries, our World Famous Real Fruit Slushes to cool you down, ice cream, cherry pies, blueberry muffins, fruit smoothies, and much more!

We will be closed Monday and Tuesday, reopening Wednesday 8 AM for Blueberry picking and the last Sweet Cherries of the season. For more information including admission info, pricing, directions, and more visit http://www.tougasfamilyfarm.com

Pick Your Own Cherries

$6.99/pound 0-12 pounds
*$5.99/pound 12-20 pounds
*$4.99/pound 20 + pounds

*Super Jammer’s Special

$7 per person cherry admission paid before entering cherry fields and applied towards your purchase of pick your own cherries. You must hold onto your admission receipt to get the admission credit. Separate admissions for strawberries and cherries. Non-refundable

Pick Your Own Blueberries

$4.75 per pound 0-12 pounds
$4.25 per pound over 12 pounds

Admission $7.00 per person per fruit, applied toward your purchase of Pick Your Own Blueberries. No refunds of admission.

Admission includes the picking fields, playground, barnyard animals, and picnic area. Admissions are Non-refundable. All prices are subject to change depending on fruit availability.

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