It’s APPLE and PUMPKIN PICKING SEASON! Please check our Picking Conditions page for daily picking information before visiting. Information on how to handle your peaches and lots of great fruit and recipes. Our barnyard, playground, and farm kitchen are family friendly activities all will enjoy. After apple picking, come visit the barnyard to see the goats climb their mountain of stone and then enjoy farm fresh homemade baked goods, ice cream, and apple cider donuts at the Tougas Farm Kitchen. Fun for the whole day, a perfect Massachusetts vacation & New England experience. Strawberries are ready in June, but do you know when our Honeycrisp™ apples are ripe for picking? Check out our fruit seasons page and join our mailing list to see when our fruit crops are ready for you to come out to the farm to pickFullSizeRender

PEACH PICKING TIPS Always check the Facebook feed or call the picking information line (508) 393-6406 for up to date picking information before coming out to the farm It is not necessary to wait for peaches to soften before they are tree ripe. Here are a few pointers for picking tree-ripe peaches and nectarines, and then handling them when you get home. When picking peaches and nectarines in the orchard:

  1. Look for the absence of green skin/background color – any green will have changed to yellow (or white if it is white fleshpeach) when the peach is tree-ripe; if there is still some green skin, let the peach stay on the tree to ripen more
  2. Bright red-orcange skin color is a good sign of ripeness, however, it depends on the variety – some are very red-orange, some less so; a fully yellow/white background (no green) is still the best indicator of tree-ripeness on peaches and nectarines that don’t have as much red-orange color
  3. If you must squeeze the peach to assess ripeness, don’t squeeze hard that will result in an unsightly bruise.
  4. Larger peaches ripen first and peaches in the tops of the trees also ripen first
  5. A ripe peach will separate from the tree easily; if the peach is difficult to pick leave it on the tree to ripen longer

Once you get your peaches home, here is the proper way to handle and fully ripen them:

  1. Do not put the peaches in the sun or a hot room or car trunk – they will not ripen evenly
  2. Do not put them in the refrigerator unless you want them to not ripen
  3. Put The Peaches on newspaper or paper towels in a single layer not touching each other
  4. Check to see as they start to soften by feeling them gently – don’t push hard on them or they will bruise
  5. when the fruit is soft, they are ripe and juicy, so ENJOY! Note this may take several days
  6. These tips apply to both peaches and nectarines!

Please observe all rules for the benefit of all of our customers and our farm Always check in at the PYO shed first to get picking locations and information. Please pick only in designated areas, which are carefully selected based on the ripening schedule of our fruit. We provide picking containers for a small fee or you may bring your own, just have it weighed at our check-in before entering the field. Wear appropriate clothing for the weather, don’t forget hats, sunscreen, and a bottle of water! We recommend wearing close-toed shoes good for walking on uneven ground, as bees, hornets and yellow jackets may be present on fallen fruit. If you drop any fruit on the ground, we ask that you please make every effort to pick it up and purchase it so that no fruit is wasted. Many labor-intensive hours go into the care of our crops. Children must be accompanied by an adult, and must stay within arms reach at all times. Please dispose of trash in proper receptacles Please be considerate of all of our customers and observe our non-smoking policy. Pets are not allowed on the farm due to health regulations See our Recipe Book for more handling, processing, and peach and apple recipes!